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Hannah Denne

Hannah Denne, Web Editor

I write because I need to tell stories, take photos because it feels like stopping time, and design because I have an obsession with aesthetics. (Pretty things make you feel nice, you know?) Hence: journalism. Is that pretentious? Probably. Does it describe me well? Absolutely! I'm an INTJ, type 4, personality type enthusiast with a particular affinity for cartoons and big words. My favourite colours are red, blue, and yellow. This is my second year of fulfilling my middle school dreams as apart of the Paw Print journalism staff. I love creating videos for the web, browsing DaFont for the print, and writing features and opinions for both. Also, I'm interim sports editor despite having no athletic ability or interest whatsoever. Go figure. Here's to new stories this school year, and meeting deadlines, too.

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