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Camile Hardt
I’ve admired the Paw Print since I have been in seventh grade, so I’m so excited to announce this will be my second year on staff (really big accomplishment). I really thrive in writing opinion pieces because as a 17 year old girl, I'm bound to have opinions on a few topics (i.e. croc comeback), for some reason I think maybe at least one person will care about said opinions (shout out to my mom). In the future, post-high school, I plan to pursue a career as a planetary protection officer. If that doesn't work out, I'm then going to be a IKEA furniture assembler. I’m an ISFJ, type 9, and a Hufflepuff. I enjoy many things, such as music artists like HAIM, Lorde, the song “Dancing Queen”(this is my anthem), the movie Clueless, Crocs, and Comic Sans. Fun fact, my alter-ego would probably be hanging out in Hot Topic right now. If a Camile in any possible universe is hanging out in Hot Topic, then a Camile is hanging out in Hot Topic in every possible universe. I also believe Tupac is alive and doing well.

Camile Hardt, Digital Design Editor

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