Mrs. Wolff Health Update

The Sotelo family with Mr. and Mrs. Wolff at Chick-fil-a night.

Since computer teacher Susan Wolff retired last year, many who knew her have felt her absence. Recently, she has been doing better, she says.

“I am having chemo treatments to continue to try to put the cancer in remission. My next one is Nov. 25,” Wolff said. “I am feeling stronger between treatments now.”

The cancer has eaten away her T3-T6 Bones, which are thoracic vertebrae in the upper part of her spine. She was scheduled to have a surgery to have this repaired. But, she had a blood clot in her right leg that broke off Oct. 4 and went to her lungs. Thus she could not have the surgery for another three months according to her doctor.

Despite this, Wolff is keeping a positive attitude and remaining strong in her faith. She is very thankful for the support she has received, especially from the Chick-fil-a spirit night for her. About 1000 supporters were expected, and there ended up being that and more. At the end, Chick-fil-a presented her with a check for $1500!

She needs our continued support and prayers for the chemo to be effective and for her to resist Satan trying to control her emotions while continually feeling God’s presence.