Robot Atlas wins ninth

Courtesy of the Robotics Team.

The KCC Robotics team won ninth at Gate Keeper, a tournament held at Wichita State University College of Engineering on Nov. 2. This season, the team built a robot named Atlas, after the titan who holds up the sky.

The team competed with robots from 24 different schools.

“It was really good for us because we only had an eighth grade and freshman team,” eighth grade student Megan Dixon said.

The students in Robotics met nearly every day of the week, including weekends.

“We get to use power tools and be social and get snacks. That’s at the top of the line,” eighth grade student Josh Kucera said.

The parents were very much involved in the season.

“All the parents were involved in something,” eighth grade student Madisyn Greer said. “From helping bring dinner to helping build the robot.”

The whole team contributed to building the robot, which took a lot of designing and planning.

“The wrist took us forever to figure out. Two days before the competition, and [we had to redesign] again,” Kucera said.

The Robotics team hopes to build another robot soon.

“It’s noisy, fun, and you have to work hard,” Dixon said.