Girl’s get creative for WPA

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Whether its filling their cars with balloons or popping the question in the midst of a crowd of students, asking someone to WPA is always a surprise.

This year, the cheerleaders asked their dates with a chant. They wooed the boys with a dance, roses, and poster boards painted with their names.

“It was a lot less intimidating because we were doing it together as a cheer squad,” junior Olivia Madderom said about asking junior Luke Streeter with the other cheerleaders. “It was a lot of fun because we all got to work on it together and still add our own personal flare to it. I think all the guys were really surprised.”

Senior Hayden McBee asked senior Nicholas Beach with a scavenger hunt in Target.

“I sent Nick to different departments via text messages and random people [standing in the departments] yelled letters at him, spelling WPA,” McBee said. “He ended up in the men’s clothing section where I jumped out of the clothes and yelled, ‘Question Mark!’ His face turned bright red and then he said yes.”

Senior Chessie Esposito filled a fish bowl with Swedish fish and wrote on the outside, “You are the Swedish Fish in the sea, will you go to WPA with me?” before placing it in senior Mitchell Pivovar’s locker for him to find.

“I ate a couple [of the fish] and gave the rest away to my friends. I was surprised, I usually expect those things, but I went to my locker and was like, ‘Hey, this just happened,’” Pivovar said.

Senior Lauren Smith put together a freeze frame video and played it during history class for senior Josh Willis.

“I was completely taken aback,” Willis said.

Senior Madeleine McCully used senior Tom Gentry’s favorite treats to ask him to WPA.

“I put chocolate milk in his locker that said, ‘Hey Tom!’ on it,” McCully said. “Later in the day, I had Mrs. [Nancy] Payne call him into Mr. [Ben] Williams office, and I gave him a bag of chocolate chip cookies  that said ‘WPA’ all over it.”

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