SLi hosts poverty discussion for students, adults

The Student Leadership Institute hosted a roundtable discussion, dubbed “Open for Discussion,” on local poverty on Oct. 12. Featured were three panelists, Dr. John Kettler and Kevin and Rebecca Cacy, who work specifically with local poverty in the Kansas City area. Senior Mitchell Pivavour and junior Jacob Butler kept dialogue and the audience was able to ask questions using a live Twitter feed.

The SLi students were in charge of setting up the gym, logistics, hospitality, and parking while high school principal Ben Williams and administrative assistant Nancy Payne provided oversight.

“It was better than I anticipated,” senior Mitchell Pivovar said. “We had more people than we were expecting and the speakers were quite educated in poverty overall.”

Kettler, a doctor at Hope Family Care Center, runs a free clinic in downtown Kansas City, Mo. Cacy is the Community Ministry Director of Freedom Fire, a local urban organization. He and his wife have worked with Freedom Fire since 1999.

The speakers talked for approximately two hours about the inner workings of poverty and had plenty of helpful ways to get involved.

 “I really enjoyed the night. It was interesting to hear the insight from Mr. and Mrs. Cacey and Dr. Kettler,” junior Anna Isaacson said. “ I enjoyed hearing the more relational side of helping others.  It opened my eyes to the importance of understanding one another and relating on a personal level.”

The SLi students plan on hosting more Open for Discussion in the future on various topics.