See You at the Pole


Mitchell Pivovar

Students bow their heads in prayer at annual See You at the Pole.

The morning of Sept. 25, at schools across the world, students and teachers alike gather at their flagpoles. It may have seemed odd to see people circled around a flagpole in front of a school, but they all came together to pray for their country, their school, and Christians at other schools.

For junior Savannah Ko, it was an opportunity for her to gather with other KCC students for prayer and worship.

“I loved it a lot because it took a part out of my day to specifically praise and worship God,” Ko said. “It was so awesome to come together and pray for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.”

For most, though, just getting there was a challenge. See You At the Pole began at 7:15 a.m. and it can be difficult for a high school student to drag themselves out of bed earlier than usual.

“I got up that morning dreading the day ahead,” senior Elisa Davis said. “But, going to See You At the Pole [that] morning and praying for our country and our school was literally the best way to start the day.”

This year’s See You At the Pole consisted of more than prayer. After each prayer, the group sang songs like “Amazing Grace”, “Beautiful”, and “Set a Fire”.

“It really brought people together!” junior Anna Isaacson said.“I love the song ‘Set a Fire’ that Theo sings. So great!”

See You At the Pole is not only a way to build community within the school, but is also a way to show faith in a public way.

“Everyone that drove by the school saw all the students out in front of the school and saw that we were praising God,” Davis said.

See You At the Pole is an annual event, that despite being challenged legally a few times in the United States, will continue every fourth Wednesday of September to proclaim the faith of Christians everywhere.