My Best Friend Joe

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My Best Friend Joe

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Hiya! I’ve named my column “My Best Friend Joe” since I couldn’t possibly live without Joe, or as most people know him: coffee. He keeps me sane most of the time and if I ever don’t make sense, it means we didn’t have our daily meeting. He’s kind of like my therapist and personal brand of brain food. As you read about my adventures, please remember that Joe wrote half of them!


Wait, Grow Up?

It’s my senior year! I’m the head honcho!

The big (wo)man on campus! The upper classman! Well, one of them anyway.

I feel on top of the world!

I feel large and in charge!

I feel…

I feel too young for this.

Is it just me or does everyone else feel like we should still have outrageous curfews, no dessert until dinner is completely finished, and random channel restrictions? Probably just me.

I don’t feel like I should be turning 18 next summer. I shouldn’t be a senior. I shouldn’t be in classes called “advanced”. And I sure as heck shouldn’t be going to college in less than a year.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m shorter than 80 percent of the freshmen. (Seriously, those kids are tall! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been run over by a freshman in the hallway.)

I mean, I still want candy for good behavior; I still dance in the rain; I still sleep with my baby blanket; I still watch Disney movies and know every word to all the Disney movie songs; I still want my mom to baby me when I get sick; I still go to my parents room when I have a nightmare; I still laugh at jokes that have the word fart in them; and I still like chocolate milk when it’s been a bad day.

I don’t want to grow up, not yet.

But, obviously, that wish won’t come true. It’s impossible, unless I want to be a psycho who lives in my parents basement, pretending like no time has passed. So I’ve come up with a solution that I am praying will work. After all, doesn’t Jesus say to have childlike faith? Yes. Yes, He does.

Drum roll, please. I will keep some of those childlike qualities!

Here are the qualities of children that I am determined to keep as I transition to adulthood:

1. I will ask lots and lots and lots of questions.

-Granted, these questions will be a little deeper and more meaningful than “Why can’t the cows fly with the hummingbirds?”

2. I will sing when I am happy.

-This is the most adorable thing that kids do, especially when they don’t know the words and make them up as they go, making absolutely no sense. You can tell they are really happy. I want to show that too.

3. I will always burst out into laughter at random times if I think of something funny.

-I am usually laughing at something that happened yesterday, or a week ago, or four years ago.

4. I will still play dress up in my room when I am home alone and sing songs into my hairbrush.

-Because I like the sound of my own voice (who doesn’t?) and feeling like a popstar always brightens my mood. Plus, I need the practice for when I’m famous.

5. I will still wear a cape on my birthday.

-Seriously, it makes you feel extra special and super.

6. I will forever continue to expand my imagination and still enjoy fairy tales.

-Because I am waiting for my Prince Charming and my castle isn’t going to clean itself. Also, remind me to feed my dragons.

7. I will get candy, get candy, get candy.

-Let’s face it: school, work, sleep? These are just obstacles in the way of getting more candy.

8. I will be unashamed of God and have faith in Him as a child.

-Sometimes this is difficult but it is the most important aspect of being a child because it is unconditional and unquestioning.

There are more, but these are the most important to me. These are the parts of being young that I want to keep as I reluctantly get older. This way I can sort of have both. So even though I’ll be on my own pretty soon, with no one reminding me to eat my broccoli, I’ll have my lucky blanky there to let me know that it’s okay to slow down and be a kid once in a while.


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