A Chat with the Captains

Olivia Madderom, Staff Writer

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Since captain Mitchell Pivovar’s injury, how do you think the team has improved or struggled with a new goalie?

Patrick MacEldowney (PM): It was very difficult at the start but we’ve learned how to deal with it, and we’ve gotten quite a bit better. Bryce [Johnston] has been doing really well.

Can you describe the roles and responsibilities you have as captain?

Mitchell Pivovar (MP): I think roles of captains on sports teams are for the other players to look up to as role models and leaders of the team. [We also] speak on behalf of the team, answer questions that the team may have, and lead our team as best we can.

PM: I’m definitely trying to set an example for the younger kids. You get really frustrated, and you can’t really react to your frustration. You have to set an example.

Describe how your attitude on and off the field affects the team.

MP: If I, let’s just say, am not taking my grades seriously or am getting in trouble at school or at home, the younger players are going to look at me as a role model and see me making mistakes, then it’s going to give them the thought that they don’t have to try as hard. I just try to do everything for God and do everything to the best of my ability whether that be sports or homework or family stuff.

PM: If you’re frustrated, everyone else is going to slow down, and if they see you not trying your hardest, they won’t. But if they see you giving everything you have, then they’re going to want to do that also for the rest of the team.

Mitchell, how are you able to still lead the team now that you’re out with a concussion?

MP: I’m not able to be out there with my team doing the drills and running the sprints and all of the physical stuff with the team. I can come to practices and watch and give insight and give them encouragement. And for games [I am] just to be there and show that I’m sacrificing my time on behalf of the team, and if I was able to play, then I would be playing.

Patrick, what challenges do you face being the only captain on the field?

PM: I feel a lot more pressure, and it would be nice for Mitchell to come back and have Mitchell’s second opinion on stuff. It’s been hard, but the other seniors help out with it.

Where do you see the team going in the future?

MP: I was a little bit unsure of where the season was going, and we made a formation change and switched some people around, which I think really helped us out, and I see us winning a state championship, but it’s not going to come with all of us half wanting it or one guy wanting it. We’re all going to have to buy into each other and give it our all every single game. I see us going far, to state, hopefully.

PM: We’ve improved a lot over the year and we improve after every game. So I can see us going to the state tournament. But after this year I think we’ll be really good with the new freshmen coming up.

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