The debate of KCC playing 4-6a schools during sport seasons

The debate of KCC playing 4-6a schools during sport seasons

Caroline Eatherly, Staff Writer

Since opening its doors in 1951, Kansas City Christian has offered a variety of activities and sports for students to participate and be involved in. All sports teams have been introduced at different times, some taking longer to form than others. KCC is a part of the Crossroads Conference for sports, which includes all the sports teams from eight different schools. Each year, for almost every KCC sports team, there is at least one or multiple games, matches, or meets against schools 4-6a sized schools.


“Currently, the KCC girls soccer team has scheduled four games against 4-5a schools, or Kansas schools outside of our conference,” KCC girls soccer coach Seth Turner said.


The numbers of games scheduled for the KCC girls soccer  team to potentially play during the regular season against Crossroads Conference schools only comes out to be 5.


“Historically, the KCC soccer program has been very strong, and was in the past one of the top schools, for specifically soccer, in the Kansas City Area. As time has gone on, the competition in soccer among schools in KC has gone up, and most school soccer programs have improved,” Turner said.


Being in charge of scheduling, athletic directors have to make the final decision as there are many factors to consider when choosing who the school should play.


“To schedule games against 4-6a schools, we look at the potential for the team and how well we think they will do during the season,” Athletic Director Josh Poteet said. “As long as I’ve known, we’ve continually had boys soccer  specially play major 6a schools.”


The improvement in KC schools sports programs over the years has caused KCC sports programs to time have a harder time keeping up.


“Due to our smaller numbers of students compared to the bigger numbers at public schools, it decreases funding for our sports equipment, and also lower numbers of students going out for sports,” Turner said.


However, the games against bigger schools can also be seen as a positive too.


“It’s a good opportunity for the teams to play a 6a school, to increase the competition for the players during the season and especially if they win because it’s a good confidence boost for them during their season,” Poteet said. “Going into the future, I’m unsure if we will schedule more games against bigger schools, especially against 6a schools because it truly depends on the playing abilities of the athletes on the teams.”