Freshman Mystery Chronicles: Katy Dekker, Installment #2


Noah Buresh, Web Editor

The following was taken down by Marianne herself:

   That night, I slept through dinner, but decided to check and see if they still had anything out in the dining hall. I grabbed my wallet and room key and started down the stairs, but half way down I thought I was hearing someone a flight behind me. I stopped, heard another footstep, then silence. Convincing myself it was just an echo, I continued to the dinning hall, only to find it empty, save for the single table in the corner of the room. On the table, I noticed a plate of bread and cheese, and since no one else seemed to be eating it, I claimed it for myself. The room was a good size, perfectly capable of holding another three or four tables; the mirrors on the walls created the illusion of more space, and glass chandeliers helped reflect the limited light in the room, making it brighter. The hotel on the whole had an aged feel, with antique furniture scattered about, old paintings and mirrors hung on every wall, and the patterned carpet clashed with the floral wallpaper. The smell, too, was that of a musty, dank type, adding to the quaintness of the place.

   “It might be best for me to get back to my room and prepare some things for the property survey tomorrow,” I said to myself as I eyed the clock. Then, as I stood up and walked out, I looked in one of the mirrors on the wall and saw a dark, hooded man sitting in the spot I’d just left. I gasped and tried to recalled seeing anyone else walk in, but I couldn’t, so I turned around and was shocked to find the table empty. Startled and frightened, I raced up the six flights of stairs, but was stopped in the hallway leading to my room by a young mother and her two children.

   “Oh! Excuse me!” I warned.

   With an odd stare as I slid by, the women asked, “Are you okay?”

   “Um, oh, yes thank you. Just fine,” I replied, shuffling to put my key in the door.

   “Don’t listen to it,” she whispered to me, then put her arms around her children and rushed to the stairs. Confused, I took caution opening my door, but what I found walking into my room, frightened me beyond belief.


Katy Dekker

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