A Mission for Spring Break


The mission’s team from the church, including sophomores Logan Carnes and Ian Price, and freshman Oliver Timberlake

Noah Buresh, Web Editor

   Over the past spring break, many students at KCC partook in a missions trip with the Hillcrest Covenant Church youth group. The youth group went to Costa Rica, where they assisted with a ministry there to the local people.

   “I decided to go last minute,” freshman Oliver Timberlake said. “and an opportunity opened up and I decided to go for it. I didn’t regret taking it in the slightest.”

   The students serving in Costa Rica were divided into two groups. One group primarily focused on teaching English and other subjects to students at a small school.

   “I was a part of the teaching group,” Timberlake said. “I mainly worked with fourth through sixth graders by teaching them English. It was difficult at times, but rewarding.”

   The other group was tasked with doing more service-oriented tasks, from cleaning to painting. They were to represent God’s love through acts of service that would benefit the community for years to come.

   “My group helped paint the walls of their community center,” sophomore Ian Price said. “It was essentially a big pavilion for meals and for the kids to play in.”

   One of the obstacles that both groups encountered was sickness. Many students who went caught a malignant virus that attacked the digestive systems of those who caught it, so they would have trouble eating and would have to use the bathroom constantly. Sophomore Logan Carnes was severely sick during his time in Costa Rica.

   “It was really bad to have to go through,” Carnes said. “I was in an out of the bathroom quite a bit. But besides that time I was sick I had a great time.”

   The students who went were definitely changed for the better by their experience. They learned that they can be used to spread God’s love in anything they do, and that there is a world out there that needs Christianity.

   “It really opened my eyes,” Timberlake said. “I realized that God can use any experience to change our lives, and that His love can be extended in powerful ways to people if you take the leap to spread it.”