Struggles for Seniors


Kayli Slayden, Staff Writer

‘Senioritis’ is defined as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” Basically, it’s an unwillingness to complete schoolwork, and it has been a recent topic of discussion for KCC’s Class of 2019.

“I have a joke with myself that I’ve had Senioritis since freshman year,” senior Alex Gulin said.

From dreading coming to school to neglecting assignments and due dates, Senioritis has been a problem for graduating classes since the beginning.

“Seniors always talked about Senioritis,” senior Christian Downs said. “It was a very overarching thing; everybody kind of knew about it.”

If Senioritis wasn’t explicitly talked about around the school hallways, it was always an easy thing to observe.

“I watched a lot of the seniors last year kind of faze into Senioritis, and watching them, like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to go to school, because I’m excited for college’,” senior Isabel Van Vossen said. “I kind of feel that right now.”

It seems that this well-known ‘disease’ doesn’t usually show its face until after the missions trip over spring break, and now that the trip has come and gone, it’s starting to hit hard.

“Throughout the year, I’ve done pretty well with homework and with staying on task, but it wasn’t until after I came home from spring break and the missions trip that I’m like, ‘Oh, well, if it’s a day late, it’s fine. It’s only 10% off’,” Van Vossen said.

Senior Alex Gulin had a slightly more serious dilemma.

“I have four projects that were due last week that I still have yet to start,” Gulin said.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of Senioritis, but most seniors would agree that the main cause has to do with the fact that they have almost completed a huge milestone in their lives, and some of them feel like they’re already done.

“Most people have already applied to colleges, and they’re in, and they’re ready to move on,” Downs said.

Isabel Van Vossen thinks that another portion of the difficulty also comes from the sad fact that everyone will be going their separate ways.

“It’s that bittersweet goodbye coming to the end of high school, and leaving friends,” Van Vossen said. “I think it’s just really hard because everyone’s growing up and moving on, but no one really wants to say ‘goodbye’ yet.”

But despite the sadness of leaving friends and dealing with Senioritis’ side-effects, there are definitely some happy aspects of finishing senior year.

“I am getting excited to being done with school,” Van Vossen said. “I am very excited to enter into the next chapter.”