Freshman Mystery Chronicles: Katy Dekker, Installment #1


Noah Buresh, Web Editor

   You’ve felt it before, that eerie feeling, as though someone is there, with you, watching you, not necessarily protecting you, but haunting you, preying on you; a feeling that stems from a constant desire for company, because being truly alone is too frightening, but the reality of  this company fails to satisfy the loneliness. This feeling became so formidable inside the young Marianne Baxter, that she felt it necessary to write it down, hoping some else would understand this strange phenomenon, and give her the assurance that she was not alone in feeling that someone, or something, was always there.

   The Hotel de la Paix sat on the eastern coast of Maine in the quiet city on Tombwell; a city seldom visited due to its lack of attractions and captivation, but nonetheless, became the temporary residence of Miss Marianne Baxter. The young lady worked as a surveyor, analyzing land around the country and observing many different sights. As she drove into the dull city, she began her observations. The outskirts of Tombwell where sandy and speckled with grass, and, driving closer, she noticed each building was almost the same as the one before, but finally arriving to the city center, a sliver of existence appeared. The small shops had their lights on, indicating life, but she never actually saw the people of the town. She pulled into the Hotel de la Paix, parked, and made her way inside.

   “Hello. I have a room reserved under ‘Marianne Baxter’,” she said to the man behind the front desk. He looked up at her, a bit confused, then looked down again at the schedule before him.

   “Ah, yes,” is all he said then proceeded to take a key off the wall behind him and walk away. Marianne assumed she was to follow and did so readily, for the monotonous drive had drained her energy to do anything but sleep. She followed him, quietly, all the way up to the sixth floor, and once he left her to herself, she dropped her stuff on the side table and fell asleep, only to be aroused by the strangest noise. She shot up and ran to her door to see what ruckus was occurring in the hallway, but was surprised to find it empty. Marianne convinced herself it was just part of her dream and fell back into a deep sleep.

Katy Dekker

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