Opinion: Say “no” to the metal machine


The KCC vending machines look really nice. They have a clean. slick look to them, and the machine itself looks to be a newer model. They are a hot spot for snacks for students.

The concept of vending machines is very simple. You put money in and you receive a snack. Like I said, very simple transaction. Not much to it. Then why does the vending machine have vendetta against me?

Not once, but three times, the vending machine has taken my money and not given me a snack. The item being purchased got caught whilst being untangled from the metal coils that hold it in place. This has caused me to spend twice the amount of money in the vending machine to receive the initial desired item.

While the vending machine provides the student body with snacks when they are hungry, it has done me wrong three times too many. I will not stand for this, and neither should you, as my peer. Because I have suffered, we all must fight back against this malicious metal machine.  As a community we support one another, so support me in this endeavor of declaring war on the vending machine.

Instead of supporting and giving all funds to the vending machine, buy snacks from the middle school StuCo – that way they can go to Worlds of Fun – rather than a corporate business making more money off my suffering.