Apple’s big presentation


Caleb Kern, Secretary

The most recent addition to Apple’s variety of products and services was announced on Monday, March 25th 2019, in the Steve Jobs Theater. Unveiled was the Apple Card, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, along with many others. The California based company was recently ranked by Forbes as the top most valuable brand with $228.6 billion of brand revenue in 2018. Now adding more products to their arsenal, they plan to expand even more.

The newly announced Apple Card is a credit card is partnered with MasterCard, and is offering a new way to pay. It will be accompanied by the iPhone to display spending summaries, send money over iMessage, and a cash-back system called Daily Cash. Daily Cash gives a small percent of money back to you throughout your day-to-day purchases. Pairing your credit card with your phone, Apple believes it can make all the problems with a credit card go away. Their motto is also to maintain simplicity, transparency, and privacy throughout this whole process.

As for Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, and the other newly subscription-based services announced they also add to the wider reach Apple is forming on multiple markets. Entering the on the rise gaming market, could prove to be a great new venture for Apple to join in and develop more. The ever growing on-demand TV service is also a market that Apple hopes to succeed in for the future.

With a star-studded presentation, accompanied by Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, Apple made an announcement that will be marked in history. Focusing away from a new iPhone or iMac, Apple took a turn and targeted its new services it will offer. The prices are not yet clear, but will be announced in the coming future.