Time to eat!

Time to eat!

Kate Berkley, Staff Writer

eThe entire classroom is quiet. You could hear a pin drop. Then all of sudden, an obscure clamor comes from the somewhere within the room. Somebody’s stomach. What a disruption! But can you blame them? You’ve been in that awkward position before. There has to be an alternative to this predicament, and eating food during class seems like a viable option. However, food can smell and spill and crumble. Not to mention the distracting factors that eating during class can have. Quite frankly, eating during class just is not fair to other students.

Whether it is a good thing or not, most high schoolers do not eat breakfast.  Running out the door, perhaps one will grab a granola bar, but nothing sustaining enough to last five class periods. Perhaps it isn’t the healthiest or smartest choice to make, but it is the reality of many students. Kansas City Christian students have an uphill battle of trying to make it until lunch at 12:56 p.m., when they eat again.  Many issues arise with this schedule, such as growling stomachs, hangry students, and other distractions. I don’t want to discount the cherished Monday schedule, but I want to raise awareness that students such as myself are hurting.

No one wants to be around a hangry high schooler, let alone being a hangry high schooler. Both sides of the spectrum have the same irritating effect and lead to a negative outcome. A lot of patience is required to deal with this situation; a lot that many people do not possess. Patience turns to urgency. The urge to burst through the relieving gym doors, escaping the hangry masses. It’s like an itch you can’t scratch.

This painfully unbalanced class schedule results in excess noise, an apprehensive student body, and further distractions from schoolwork. Monday, I sincerely wish you would share your schedule with the other week days. Alas, breakfasts, dare I say, might revisit my daily routine.