My thought on mental health days


Molly Miller, Staff Writer

Are mental health days justified or are they an excuse to take a break? Some mornings, it seems almost impossible to get out of bed and get ready for work, school, or just the day ahead. By the end of the week, it is common for students and employees to feel burnt out and unmotivated. When this happens, some people push through and drag through their day, while others decide to take a mental health day. Their mental health day may consist of catching up on sleep, finishing late work, or taking a day to relax and de-stress. I think that mental health days can be valid only under certain circumstances. It also depends on the person and how they operate best.

There are some reasons why I believe that mental health days can be valid, such if you personally think you could be more productive at home. Examples of this could be catching up on late work for school or work, accomplishing non-related work tasks at home, such as cleaning or grocery shopping, or simply resting up for the next day.I personally have taken mental health days, and they have all been beneficial. I do not believe that mental health days are beneficial if you are avoiding tests or presentations. They are also not beneficial if you do not use them in a productive way. These things can lead to more buildup of work and stress, meaning your day off did more harm than good. I think it is important to know when your body and mind needs a break. However, you need to make your mental health day productive and helpful towards your personal needs.