Review: Jonas Brothers reunite


Camile Hardt, Print Editor

The greatest brother boy band from the 2010s has been resurrected and every girl is re-living her pre-teen days. On March 1, the Jonas Brothers released a new song together titled, “Sucker.” Along with music video that featured Nick Jonas’s wife Priyanka Chopra, Kevin Jonas’s wife Danielle Jonas, and Joe Jonas’s fiancee Sophie Turner.

In the weekdays leading up to the launch of the revival of the boy band, members Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas, all blacked out their accounts on social media, meaning they deleted everything on their accounts and . Fans of the band took notice, then freaked out when the reenacted their iconic “oh how the tables have turned” video.

Their song “Sucker” is an upgrade from their attempt from 2014 of reviving their band with the song “Pom Poms”. “Sucker” is a radio pop song that has a light hearted bop feel to it. It will soon be a song overplayed on the radio.

The song itself is an updated version of any Jonas Brothers’ song from the 2010s, meaning they have improved their vocal abilities for the better.

The music is very high quality and extravagant – it’s a montage of all the brothers with their wives/soon-to-be wives (yes, Sophie Turner, I’m talking about you) running around and enjoying their time in a palace-like mansion. With no real clear theme to the video, (spoiler) ending with all six of them getting their portrait painting. Almost symbolizing the reprise of the Jonas Brother empire.  

It may not be the year 3000, but the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever.