Behind the Kitchen Walls


Alysia Wagner, Staff Writer


Within the walls of Kansas City Christian’s new auxiliary gym lies a brand new kitchen. Over the Summer, KCC began building this large gym and since February, it has been open for basketball games, practices, school lunch, and of course, a new kitchen.  

This kitchen has especially benefited Vonda Spencer, who has been cooking lunches at KCC for fourteen years. She now gets to enjoy this much bigger space to prepare meals, without walking down flights of stairs to a crowded basement.

“I love the size of the new refrigerator and freezer and I love that it is not down a flight of stairs.” Spencer said

Previously, on ‘Pizza Fridays’, she cooked the pizza at her house then brought it to the school, down the stairs, and served lunch. Her house, which is conveniently across the street, had more kitchen room and appliances to prepare meals. The school basement was simply lacking space.  Whether making french toast or lasagna, this new kitchen provides a much larger area and more appliances for Mrs. Spencer to prepare all the hot lunch meals at school rather than at her own house or in the small lunch room basement. The space of the new kitchen was not only wanted, but necessary for the lunch process.

The new kitchen has all new appliances that can prepare any meal that the hot lunch program offers. However, there are a few issues that are still being worked out.

“We are still working on the kinks with learning a new oven that is very high tech.” Spencer said. “We are also having a few problems with the outlets and the amount of things we can plug into them.”  

The school, and especially Mrs. Spencer, are thrilled about this new kitchen and all of its benefits. From the new appliances to the wide space, this kitchen opens a door for a fresh and new KCC experience.

Head of School, Todd Zylstra, agrees that KCC was ready for a new updated kitchen. Not only was it necessary for use, but also a major health code improvement.

“We have never really had a place to prepare and serve food in the same place. That’s kind of problem with the health department actually, there is just a lot of regulations that make it very difficult. But we never broke the law or anything like that.”

Compared to the new kitchen, he admits the lunchroom changes that needed to happen.

“Just being in the basement is so inconvenient and uncomfortable. Just not very nice for teachers and kids to have lunch. It’s loud, low ceiling, and not very spacious. And just a very unattractive place to have a kitchen.” Zylstra said

Staff as well as students are incredibly thankful for what goes on behind the kitchen walls.