Baby on Board


Spanish teacher Seth Turner recently announced to his students and co-workers that his wife, Tori Turner, is pregnant.

“I’ve known for a while and Tori is almost 15 weeks pregnant,” Turner said.  “We found out Christmas morning, so I’ve had to keep this under-wraps for a long time. The announcement to my students was a learning opportunity for my students and co-workers, and a teaching opportunity for me.”

Turner translated his excitement into creating a creative way of surprising the KCC community, students and teachers alike.

“In the Spanish language there’s a word ‘embarazada’ and it looks like embarrassed but its a false cognate and it means ‘pregnant.’ I would speak to my students and say ‘this is embarazada’ and then i would ask ‘what do you think it means?’ Students would answer with ‘embarrassed’ and I would respond with ‘no’,” Turner said.

“After confusion set across both groups, students and teachers, I wrote on the board ‘Tori es embarazada.’ This allowed them to catch on, and soon after, I heard reactions. People were clapping and screaming,” Turner said.

Due to the frequent encounters the students have had with cognate words, Turner said they found out the meaning more quickly.

“I really enjoyed everyone’s response, and [it’s] a great way to introduce the exciting news. It was a relief after having to hold onto the secret for song long” Turner said.

A baby will be an addition to an already busy schedule of teaching and coaching KCC girls soccer. He believes that this upcoming life-change with the pregnancy, and the couples soon to be baby, will change his life and habits.

“Life right now is already kind of crazy and having another human in our lives that we have to be responsible for, care for, and show our undivided attention to is nerve-wracking and will be a significant life change.” Turner said.

“Although we’re going to have improve our time managing skills, and there will be changes, we’re excited for this next chapter in our lives” Turner said.