Sucker for you


Molly Miller, Staff Writer


The Jonas brothers caught the media’s attention as they released their new song “Sucker for you.” They quickly reached the #1 song on iTunes and their music video was the best part of their debut, getting 7 million views. I believe that to reach this type of success again together, it was necessary for the Jonas brothers to have a breakup. The Jonas brothers had a large fan base, they toured the country and were mostly known from their time on the three series movies, Camp Rock. However; Kevin, Nick and Joe had several disputes as a band and all wanted to go a separate direction. They could not agree on where to take their music, so the brothers decided to prioritize their family relationship first and put their boy band on hold. I believe they needed time to develop on their own as artists and to live their personal lives. Without their breakup the Jonas brothers would have dwindled out by now and become irrelevant.

I think that their comeback was much needed and they came back at the perfect time to get their old fans excited and to gain new fans in the process. During their time starring on camp rock they had a young fan base, but as their fans have grown up, their music has matured for an older age group. Their music is not explicit, so almost all ages can enjoy their new song. The real question is, will they be able to keep their claim to fame? I think their song and music video will stick around for a while, but if they don’t release new songs within a couple months, they may quickly be forgotten again.