A New Season Starting


Caleb Kern, Secretary

What are you most looking forward to this Spring sports season?

Faith Unruh: “I’m just super excited about the soccer season. I think our team is going to be really good this year, there’s a lot of new people. Our team dynamics really good this year, there’s not a lot of bad attitudes, which is always good to have.”


Elijah Wagner: “I can’t wait to start the tennis season, because last year we won state which was really fun. This year I can’t wait to play again and try to get back in state.”


Sophia Hardt: “I’ve really never done a school sport before, so I’m really excited to see how that kind of community comes together. I love Ms. Painter, so I’m glad that I will be working with her, and I heard track is fun since my sister did it. So, I’m just looking forward to joining a sport community.”


Ben Metzger: “Golf is my first sport that I’ve done since I joined here at KCC. So, it is pretty fun, I think it’s a wholesome sport and I’m glad to be joining a good group of people who are doing it. I’m just excited for the season to begin.”


Oliver Timberlake: “I can’t wait for the warm weather to come, because haven’t got much so far. I didn’t play any winter sports to, so I’m ready to start the spring sports season.”