Knitting Neighbors United for Tranquility


Noah Buresh, Web Editor

In high school, students are always encouraged to pursue new interests. Holding true to this montra, a group of ladies in the senior class have chosen to band together to pursue a unique interest: knitting. This group of ladies has adopted the name “Knitting Neighbors United for Tranquility,” or K.N.U.T. Among these ladies is senior Annie James, who finds the community among the ladies inviting.

“I really love the girls involved,” James said. “It’s such a fun thing for us to get together and just talk about what’s going on in our lives together.”

The club was founded by senior Camile Hardt, who was taught by her mother from a young age the ins-and-outs of knitting. She was inspired to form the knitting club by the example of her sister Madison Hardt, who also met with senior girls to knit and converse.

“I started knitting in the 3rd grade, and I picked it back up this fall when I found this cute scarf pattern I wanted to have,” Hardt said. “So, I made it myself and realized how fun and relaxing it was and wanted to get my friends to start doing it too.”

The girls meet together as often as they can to knit various creations, such as scarfs and mittens. They try to always be flexible about the logistics of their gatherings so they can include the whole group.

“[Normally] we meet at One More Cup,” James said. “It changes depending on what works for everyone.”

However, the girls are also united together through a mutual desire to achieve mastery of the art of knitting. The club has had a growing season that has produced significant results in building the talents of the girls involved, such as senior Hannah Denne.

“I like getting to learn a new skill,” Denne said. “And also getting to have an activity to do [since] nowadays most people don’t really have hobbies like they used to.”

The knitting club, although primarily senior girls, is not an exclusive group. They encourage anyone looking to find community and practice knitting to join them in their meetings at One More Cup.

“There’s less of a joining ‘thing’ than it is a group hanging out and trying to make it a routine,” James said.

The group continues to meet and knit together for unity and tranquility in their lives. Just as knitting brings together strings to make something greater, so too does K.N.U.T bring together all who join, and forms unforgettable friendships.