Contradictory views


Alysia Wagner, Staff writer

On January 24th, 2019 New York passed a law that up to the minute of birth, women can choose abortion on demand. Seeing people “celebrate” after this law was passed is sickening. Sense has been lost in so many ways. A child can be born at 12:05, and in New York, it can legally be killed at 12:04.

Throughout many cities, marches rise protesting that women have the right to choose whether or not they should have to keep an unborn child. The question is, what are they really choosing? Is a woman choosing to not give birth, or is she blatantly choosing murder regardless of affiliations and reasons? Feminists argue that they should have the choice of having a baby, simply because it is in her body. But often they forget that the sign of a heartbeat is a sign of life. The fact is, a woman’s body is her body, but the baby is clearly another body.  

In the end, we should all be in agreement that whether pro-life or pro-choice, turning against each other is getting us nowhere. There are many cons to both sides, as well as there are great things that each side stands for.

The feminist movement has value in God’s eyes because everybody has value to him. Feminism stands for equality and lifts up women. But often, most of these women do not see the value of the living baby, and cover up the truth with the label of “abortion”. However, both the women and the baby have significance according to God. Women may have a voice to protest, but the baby does not.

So yes, the women’s body has value, but so does the baby. Although a pro-choicer can support abortion, he or she is also not valuing women. This is the same as a pro-life supporters supporting the value of one over another. Both sides need to come to an agreement that everybody is equal, and therefore, both have value. Through the disagreements, and arguments each side brings, we have to respect each others opinions.

No matter the argument, no matter the side, we were all created by one creator, and can connect through this. One who values the babies life, should also consider the sacrifice and pain the women has to go through. In addition, a womean should not only stand up for the control of her body, but stand for the value of others too.

Through the contradictory views, we need to make a change in how we view and treat each other whether pro-life or pro-choice. In a world full of opinions and views, we NEED to choose to respect and value each other.