Zion Bohlender, Staff Writer

In the world of gaming, it’s not uncommon for a certain game to rise to an abrupt status of global stardom and then proceed to fall quickly down the charts of popularity soon after. It’s a pattern seen over and over again as players of all ages have religiously studied the ins and outs of a game, only to practically forget its existence a few weeks later. Despite this, there seems to be a new game on the rise, one that has the potential to be something of a timeless legacy. It’s called “”

Shellshock is a browser-based shooter game, somewhat similar to EpicGame’s “Fortnite”, only with a catch; everyone is an egg. Due to this, there is no blood and no death in the game. Every egg has a limited number of times it can be hit (depending on which gun an opponent is using) before it breaks open and you are forced to start a new game. The game has become so popular among high schoolers that groups are beginning to form and create strong alliances. The newest clan among shellshock is KCC’s very own, “FliKclan” that consists of Caleb Kern, Noah Buresh, and another student player. The trio hope to go pro after high school.

After seeing the intense hype surrounding this game, I decided to give shellshock a try myself. Upon first visit to the site, I was greeted with a blue background and customizable egg character. There are several options to choose from, including color, apparel, and, of course, your choice of weaponry. Seeing as this is the most important aspect of the game, I chose the “Freeranger,” a animated sniper-style gun and clicked play. I was then directed to the US Central server and was placed in a map called, “Castle.” Immediately, I was surprised to find the graphics very appealing and unique. The castle consisted of three floors and hundreds of walls to use for protection. As I fired a few shots from long range that annihilated an opponent egg, I began to understand why this game is becoming so popular. Shellshock’s high energy and fast paced game play add to it’s entertainment value, making even the most skeptical player an instant fan.

Shellshock is a fun, safe, and unique alternative to it’s violent competitors. Thrills, creative maps, a varied selection of weapons, this game has it all! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun way to pass time.