Student Spotlight: Macy Howard


Caleb Kern, Secretary

What got you into songwriting?

I remember last year in the fall, Mr. Owens randomly asked if I had ever wrote a song, I laughed said I hadn’t. Then he told me I would write songs and I was confused. Then, in the winter I started praying, then I started to get a chorus, and then I just sat down and wrote a whole song. It was really random.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

I like finding different ways to express God’s character and share with people what God is doing in my life and speak truth into other people through the words that I write.

How do you feel singing something you wrote instead of someone else’s song?

It’s kind of scary because it’s a very personal thing to share something that you wrote, but it’s really encouraging and exciting to see the Lord speaking to people through something that’s so personal and close to your heart, because God spoke it to you.

How’d you feel when the whole chapel was singing your song?

I just thought it was really powerful and inspiring to hear people joining in singing the song with me. It encouraged me and pushed me to work harder at songwriting and come up with more songs.

How long did the process of making the song take?

I started over the summer, and wrote down some of the lyrics. Then towards the end of summer I got all of the lyrics done. I then spent a lot of time figuring out how I wanted it to sound and the order of the lyrics. So, I finished around September, but it took from about July to September to master the whole song.

How was writing the instrumental part?

I composed the whole thing, so it took a little longer for the piano part and figuring all that out.