Scholars bowl back at Maranatha


Caleb Kern, Secretary

On January 17, the Kansas City Christian Scholars’ Bowl team ventured to Maranatha for their sixth meet of the season. They went up against 18 teams and got fourth place in a well fought battle.

“I thought we did absolutely amazing,” junior Macy Howard said “We may not have gotten first place this time, but we still played really well.”

The questions at this meet were phrased different than the players were familiar with. This led to adaptation to have to take place in order for the team to succeed.

“The judges weren’t very knowledgeable in how the meet was supposed to be run,” junior Noah Buresh said.

In scholars bowl, missing a point is much worse than just not answering. If you answer wrong your team will be deducted points for the mistake. Due to this competitors must be sure of their answer before just saying the first thing that comes to their mind.

“I scored two points for the team and I was a little nervous two other times, but was hesitant to answer,” junior Kate Berkely said “I wasn’t sure if I would get them right and missing a question in scholars bowl would not be good.”

Scholars bowl is not like most sports. Because you are not running around on a big area, you are able to get to know the people you play with, and against. This makes for many great memories among the team.

“I saw some old friends from Heritage and the other schools,” junior Molly Miller said “It was an unexpected and nice surprise to catch up with them and reminisce of memories.”