Student Feature: Phaedra Kirby


Kayli Slayden, Staff Writer

There are many ways that a person could be inspired to author a novel. An impactful life experience, a curious ‘what if’ question, or even a random idea concocted from spontaneous midnight thoughts.

But for sophomore Phaedra Kirby, inspiration came from a very unlikely source.

“They spelled my name wrong on the back of the sweatshirt for [KCC’s] the Wizard of Oz.” Kirby said. “They spelled it ‘Phadera’ instead of ‘Phaedra’.”

From then on, ‘Phadera’ became the name of one of the aspects of Kirby’s personality.

That specific incident birthed one of the greatest inside jokes that Kirby and her friend maintain.

“I would text my friend from different points of my personality. It’s not within me, it’s like they’re all different people, and they were passing my phone around.” Kirby said. “It is strange, but I thought I would put it in a book.”

The book falls under the fantasy category, and features conversations that are had between Kirby and her different personality points, as well as the situations they find themselves in.

“[There are] twelve of them, not including me, and they’re male or female, some have magic, some don’t have magic.”

Plot-wise, Kirby’s story is action-filled and suspenseful.

“[In the story,] I am working with a scientist named Axim who has created a serum that can split the mind into distinct beings separate from the person they were created from. They reside inside the person’s mind and can take on physical manifestation whenever they want.” Kirby said. “When a masked figure shows up with power that could only come from a ‘Personality,’ I have to figure out how to stop them from killing me, and taking over the world.”

In order to make this book a reality, Kirby must write from different perspectives and angles, and capture separate character qualities.

“I enjoy it so much.” Kirby said. “I enjoy talking [from the perspective of] these different people.”

As far as why she enjoys writing from so many different viewpoints, Kirby does it to further understand her own personality.

“I am a very complicated person. It’s hard for me to figure out exactly what I’m feeling or thinking. So, I divided myself until multiple ‘people’. I first came up with a name and then drew from that to create an emotion,” Kirby said. “I find it really fun to write like this so I only have to deal with one emotion at a time instead of all at once.”

What started with her name being misspelled on a cast sweatshirt has become a fun and introspective project. With her twelve personalities eager to see where the story goes, Phaedra Kirby will continue writing, and continue learning about herself.