The Ignite Movement Sparks Revival


Caroline Eatherly, Staff Writer

An urgency for Christ-like community has recently been spurred on among teenagers in Kansas City, and three Kansas CIty Christian students are taking action to spark this revival. On November 2nd, 2018, sophomore Elizabeth Murphy and seniors Jacob Swanson and Zion Bohlender posted a photo on Instagram introducing a new movement called “Ignite”.

The caption stated, “Ignite is a movement that has been founded to cultivate community and to create a space for revival to arise within our high schools. This is not about us, or religion, but rather faith in God’s perfect restoration. We are contending for lost hearts to be ignited through community, worship, and prayer.”

Ignite gives high schoolers the option to join together in an open setting to worship God.

“Zion and I came up with this idea from a conference we went to, and we saw people giving everything they had worshiping Jesus, and we want to create that atmosphere in K.C,” Swanson said..

“Our aim is to create a place where high schoolers can pray and worship with the absence of worldly temptations,” Murphy said.

The co-founders planned the first Ignite event for Tuesday, November 13th at Elizabeth Murphy’s house.

“There were about 15 people who attended, and although there were multiple other events going on that night, it was exciting [to see] different groups of people from KCC, Shawnee Mission East, and Heritage converse,” Murphy said.

After the worship concluded, senior Nelson Schutte shared a word about what it means to be surrounded by God’s love.

“It was a blessing having the opportunity to speak in front of my peers at a Ignite event and encourage my peers to know their value is only in Christ, and know they’re loved” Schutte said.

The student founders are relying heavily on social media to spread the word, as well as word of mouth between students to grow the movement.

“We are planning multiple upcoming events through Ignite outside of worship, but [we’re] taking it day by day. We are hopeful of the impact this movement will cause,” Bohlender said .

The next Ignite gathering is Friday, November 23rd at 7 p.m.

“The first night was fantastic and we really enjoyed seeing new faces and meeting everyone,” Bohlender said. “We’re hoping to create a space where high schoolers, no matter what school they attend, feel comfortable to authentically worship and we’re looking forward to the rest of the year.”