My thoughts on cold weather


Katie Luemmen, Staff Writer

Cold weather sucks.

Although some people adore the snow and cold brisk air winter may bring, I’m not one of them. There are moments though where I appreciate the white snow on the ground and the chill in the air, but that only time is Christmas, Christmas Eve, and maybe New Years Eve on occasion. 

Besides those times, cold weather is a pest. You need to dish out your money to buy a winter coat which is usually overpriced and warm clothes so you don’t freeze just from your walk from your house to your car, car to your school or work, etc.. 

Also, you bundle up in all your warm clothes just for a five minute walk from the cold into a room with the heat cranked up to 100 degrees. Then as you are sweating through your clothes, you have to peel off your six layers just to later put them all back on to go out to your car. Even your car is frozen from that brief time sitting out on the curb, and it seems like it takes forever for your heat to get warm enough for you to finally stop shivering. 

If you aren’t already convinced with how horrible the cold is, let me enlighten you some more.

There is even a term for the gloominess you feel when it is bitterly cold and the skies are grey and cloudy; it’s SAD. That stands for seasonal affective disorder. This means that with seasons and different weather changes, you can get depressed. Isn’t that crazy?! The cold and grayness of the environment can make you depressed! Just another reason why cold weather is the absolute worst. 

Kansas is the absolute worst place when its cold though.

Colorado and other places have mountains so when it’s cold you can ski and snowboard, so fun activities that make the cold suck less. In Kansas, we are lucky to find a good sledding hill. The only other activity to do when its cold in Kansas is just sitting inside by the fire, but sadly, we have priorities such as school and/or work that prevent us from spending all day cuddled up on the couch. 

But I digress. Cold is bothersome anywhere honestly, and everyone deep down inside is just waiting for spring to finally start after a long, grueling winter.