Scholars bowl wins Maranatha meet


Caleb Kern, Secretary

On November 13, the Kansas City Christian Scholars Bowl team attended their second meet at Maranatha where they competed against 13 other teams. With only one meet behind them they rallied together to answer questions and gain themselves a first place victory.

“I was extremely proud of how our team pulled it together,” junior and team captain Noah Buresh said “Even though we started off slow, we got it together and had an incredible victory.”

The team consisted of eight members with five being in play and the other three being rotating subs. The six in play answer questions quick and accurate in order to beat other teams in point totals.

“I like scholars bowl, because it’s a unique experience where we just have a lot of fun answering all the questions they give us,” junior Emma Browning said.

While at the meet the team started off by losing the first two rounds rounds out of eight. However, after that they rallied together to win the remaining six rounds in a remarkable performance. They enjoyed this victory with a trip to Cane’s for a celebratory meal after the match.

“It was an exciting accomplishment because we’ve never gotten first, and we worked really well as a team. I think that is why we won, because everyone was contributing making us a force to be reckoned with” junior Macy Howard said.

Success in scholars bowl has been seen throughout the years, but this is the only first place victory that’s been earned in recent years. The team is excited that they were able to get a championship under their belt within the first couple meets of the season. Senior Ben Simmons is excited for the opportunity the team has this season.

“The season just started and we already won one of our meets!” senior Ben Simmons said “That sounds like a good start to me and I hope we can reciprocate those results as the season goes on.”