Chapel for the students by the students

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Chapel for the students by the students

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Everyday from 10:06 to 11:00 a.m. in Cafe 2, 10 students meet for a new class offered this year by Kansas City Christian School. Chapel class, taught by worldview teacher Greg Owens, is a place where these students will produce a worship album and devotional book, as well as  leading the student body in worship and teachings on Mondays.

“The main thing I want to achieve in Chapel class is leading our student body to an attitude of worship,” junior Macy Howard said. “Not just during chapel, but just as we go through our school week. Just encouraging students to pursue a relationship with Christ.”

The first responsibility of the class is planning chapel every week. In past years, there was a Chapel committee that met every Thursday during the discipleship time slot. Transition to now his class has taken the idea of a student-led chapel and improved upon it, equipping students to grow in different areas of worship and allowing them to be more intentional with what they plan.

“It has a real lab application to it,” Owens said. “In that we’re preparing for something that is going to happen almost every single week, they’re going to be involved with, not only part of it, but leading it in front of the entire student body. I think that really sets it apart.”

The class is set up in a discussion based manner that is focused on growing the student’s spiritual formation and leadership. Students in this class strive to encourage and strengthen the student body and each other in their relationship with Christ,  and to develop an attitude of worship.

“When students communicate something, it can be so much more impactful than if that same communication comes from an older, even a respected older, person,” Owens said.

The second aspect of the class allows the students to take two routes. One route is a worship intensive experience where they develop everything that you would expect in a church service. They will be writing and recording their own songs throughout the year. The other route is more of a devotional route, where students will compile a book’s worth of devotionals that will be published by the end of the year.

“I have been writing songs, and there have been people in the class also writing songs, so just to be able to work together with those people and share those songs and be encouraged by them and encourage them has been really cool,” Howard said.

This class helps students channel their creativity but center it in Christ, allowing space to encourage the student body to focus on their relationship with the Creator.


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