Seek discomfort


When I was little I remember my dad getting surgery on his foot from a skiing accident. Since then, it’s been one of my biggest fears. Since I was little my biggest fear has been surgery since I remember my dad getting surgery. For the longest time he didn’t have feeling in his foot, which freaked me out. I was determined to make it through my life without ever being cut into by a surgeon.

Up until this year, I was doing pretty well. I had never been seriously injured before. At the end of January I dislocated my knee cap which meant 4 months of physical therapy. At the time, it didn’t seem like I would have to have surgery, which was a huge relief. Two months ago, though, my improvement plateaued and I had to meet with a surgeon. He said I knocked cartilage off of my knee cap in the injury, and would need to have surgery to replace it.

I had been  told that the possibility of surgery was avoidable with physical therapy, so it frustrated me that I put so much time into something only to have it ultimately fail. Even more than that, having surgery  meant I would have to change all my summer plans on top of having to face my biggest fear. There is no way to avoid this.

In four days I will be having the surgery. Even though this wasn’t the result I wanted, and it is scary, I am choosing to face it, even though it’s uncomfortable to me. But this experience processing what is happening made me realize that I need to put myself in more situations that make me uncomfortable but ultimately help me grow as a person.

There has been this phrase that I heard a while ago, “seek discomfort.” It’s this idea that you should put yourself in situations you normally wouldn’t do to challenge and expand your horizons. Which is what I want to start challenging myself to do, and I am challenging you too.