KCC gets an upgrade, thanks to the senior class


If there’s one thing Kansas City Christian is good at, it’s streamlining potentially rebellious high school norms: class-wide afterparties, official senior skip days, and the annual, highly anticipated administration-approved senior pranks.

On the morning of May 2, students wandered in through the high school doors and were met with laughter and excitement in the usually sleepy hallways. The school had been “upgraded” — with things ranging from photos of Bible teacher Greg Owens lining the halls and classrooms, to math teacher Brian Miller’s room, where the floor was covered entirely with small cups filled with water.

The senior prank was back.

The senior class had been planning the prank since spring break, sometimes at Panera or during class meetings. Different people were assigned to set up different rooms.

“My favorite was the Dixie cups of water in Mr. Miller’s room,” senior Anna Vialle said, “We had a system going with 4 cups per tile square,”

Even the bathrooms couldn’t make it out unscathed – the girls’ bathroom turned into some sort of birthday party gone wrong, with icing and sprinkles clogging the sinks and wrapping paper covering all the mirrors, and the boys’ bathroom turned into a shrine for JD Bickley, a former student at KCC.

“The boys’ bathroom was hilarious because of the JD shrine,” Vialle said. “I had also never been in the boys’ bathroom before, so it was interesting,”

The seniors pooled money together to pull off many of the pranks. When English teacher Rachel Smith came into her classroom to find the chairs stacked around two toilets, it might have seemed very random and spontaneous – but a lot of planning went into hauling a couple of disconnected toilets in for the big day.

“We didn’t know the guy we got toilets from, so there was a bit of coordinating with who was going to be picking the toilets up in the Legends parking lot,” senior Sophie Hill said.

Remnants of the senior prank can still be found around the school in the form of lingering photos of Owens, or Band-Aids in History teacher Deb Brown’s room.

“[Spanish teacher] Señor Turner still has all of his posters hanging up,” senior Hannah Breth said. “You can [tell] he actually enjoyed it, and it’s cool to see the lasting effects. We did our job of messing with [the teachers].”