Student Spotlight: Cameron Robinson

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Student Spotlight: Cameron Robinson

Caleb Kern, Staff Writer

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Q: What is your favorite sport?

My favorite sport is track because I like the workouts and the meets are really fun to go to and run.

Q: What made you fall in love with track?

Back in the middle school day when you would everything and it was really easy. Track was pure fun, that what really made me fall in love with track.

Q: What is your biggest track accomplishment?

Running a 2:15 long 800 meter race and going to state for it.

Q: What is your greatest memory you hold from track?

Rainbrow Brothers. We went to a track practice and it was raining on the way back. We were all out there and there was a double rainbow which was very cool.

Q: How has KCC helped you in your athletics?

Coach John has really pushed me to run even when I do not want to. It has also provided a great team atmosphere when it comes to running.

Q: What is it like going to state in track?

It’s a big adventure, because it is for three days. You stay two nights in this nice hotel, and go explore Wichita. One time Joel Connealy even jumped in a river for five dollars.

Q: What do you want to tell those considering joining the high school track team?

Do it! Join a successful, hard working sport.