Seniors take Powderpuff and Old Spice victory


On the morning of Friday April 27, students pulled into the lot of Leawood Park adorned in class shirts and face paint. As students started to gather at the top of the hill, STUCO co-president Ian Ko announced the schedule for the day over his megaphone.

Boys volleyball kicked off the day as the freshmen would play the juniors and seniors play the sophomores. This was a surprise when everyone arrived, because in years past flag football has always been first up on the schedule.

But that’s not the only change this year, students had to meet at the school before heading to Leawood park which caused some irritation throughout the student body. Those who live less than a minute away from the park were required to drive all the way to school just for attendance. This new addition to the morning made students more annoyed heading to Powderpuff.

“I thought it was a waste of time, energy, and gas.” Junior Carly Connealy said. “It was just out of my way and I live fairly close to Leawood park so I had to go a lot out of my way.”

As students congregated on the sidelines with blankets, and dancing to the music, they all cheered on their fellow classmates setting and spiking up the volleyballs, but in the end the senior boys came out with the win.

“Defending our crown in old spice was really fun,” senior Michael Holst said.

After the volleyball activities were finished, everyone made their way back down the hill to the fields so that flag football could begin, starting with freshman and junior girls.

“It was really fun hanging out with everyone and the girls made it farther in powderpuff than we ever had before,” Connealy said. “So that was pretty exciting.”

But after many bumps and bruises and the senior girls leading the scoreboard for most of the game, they came out with a win as referees Adam Runyan and Jared Barker blew their whistles to signal the end of the game.

So after a day full of many firsts and lasts, the festivities were finished off with a water balloon fight. As students and staff were grabbing water balloons left and right so they could launch them at anyone in their path, many started to find open water bottles to dump all over one another. And by the end of it, upper school counselor Curt Johnson was soaked by the water cooler.

“I feel like our class got a lot more into it than we usually do and it was fun getting to hang out and bond with everyone at the end,” Connealy said.