Student Spotlight: Hudson Young


Hugh B McIntyre

Junior Hudson Young gives a speech at the Junior Senior Banquet as junior class president.

Sky Barratt, Staff Writer

Q: What inspired you to become president of the junior class?

“Well actually, I originally wanted to be vice president, but I guess that didn’t really work out. I did feel, however, that I had a really genuine relationship with every one of my classmates and a moment that we could look back on and laugh at.”


Q:What have been some difficulties that have accompanied your position as class president?

“Class meetings. That’s all I have to say.”


Q:What have been some of the best, most rewarding aspects of your position?

“Getting closer to the grade as a whole. Seeing everyone come really close at the junior retreat and interacting in a super awesome way! It was great to see. I love hearing stories from my classmates and talking to them about their day!”


Q:What was your favorite memory as president?

“I’m excited to be able to make even more great memories during senior year just like I had my junior year. For our senior year there will definitely be more memories, but I think the officer meetings were awesome. There was one after Valentine’s Day and the 6 of us class officers just stayed in the robotics lab and ate food, listened to Eazy-B, and watched movie clips.”


Q:What inspired you to run again?

“I want to keep watching my class grow. I also want to use the knowledge I learned from junior year to help make our senior year as productive and fun as possible. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to make even more memories senior year just like junior year.”


Q:What would you say to someone who wants to run as class officer in the future?

“Go for it. It may seem challenging, but you get closer to your friends and class as a whole. You also get to be the first to know about upcoming events for your class, like the missions trip.”