A swing in the right direction


The KCC golf team is undergoing a major shift as Bible teacher Greg Owens takes on the position to coach  the team this upcoming spring season. Owens is working on growing the team and has high hopes for the players participating in golf this spring.

“I’m excited to see how we can build the team, see how the players perform, and potentially make it to state,” Owens said.

Growing the team is a huge focus for Owens this season. His aim is to have a large enough team to have a girls team next fall and a boys team in the spring.

“[The goal is to] initially just grow the team [and] get it to where we have a solid boys team in the spring and a solid girls team in the fall,” Owens said. “So this year is going to be all about [the] growth and development of the younger players, and then try and grow it from there,” Owens said.

With Owens working to develop the team, there is more opportunities for new players to join the team and gain experience. New players are working hard to participate in this upcoming golf season.

“I have been practicing to be on the golf team,” sophomore Noah Banes said. “I’ve been working especially hard on schoolwork so I can keep my grades eligible to be on the team. I’ve definitely been working double to be on the team.”

Owens is pushing new players to try their hardest, and work their best. His main goal is to grow the team and create a community where beginners can begin to feel more confident with developing their skills.

“I’d like to see at least a few girls develop and grow so that they can go into the fall feeling pretty confident, and I’d like to see at least a few players make it to state by the end of the season,” Owens said.