The interworking of “Fun February”


The month started off with elementary students walking through a tunnel of high school and middle school students cheering and giving them high fives. It ended with guidance counselor Curt Johnson wearing a T-Rex costume and running up and down the hallway. This was known as “Fun February”.

“Fun February” started last year and the tradition continued again this year. It was started to spice third quarter up for both students and teachers.

“Since the third quarter has the least number of days of sunshine, it’s often the hardest quarter for a lot of students,” guidance counselor Curt Johnson said.

Administration had planned a couple little things to help boost morale in the student body. The first Wednesday they played music during the passing periods, which promptly stopped after third hour.

“I wish they would’ve played more and better music over the intercom during the passing periods,” junior Day Newman said.

Another item for “Fun February” were the dad jokes told by athletic director Josh Poteet over the intercom.

But what students most enjoyed about February were the unplanned events— the three consecutive days cancelled due to weather.

“The snow days weren’t planned, but if they were they would’ve made “Fun February” the [most fun] yet,” Newman said. “I think meeting Ms. Smith’s boyfriend in the Chick-Fil-A parking lot [made my “Fun February”].”

“Fun February” was not just for the students, but also the teachers. Teachers got a couple of different treats such as snacks in the teacher’s lounge and jeans days.

“It’s nice to have an excuse to wear more jeans,” math teacher Kelsey Moore said.

Administration put a lot of thought and consideration into making February a month to be joyable for both the teachers and students.

“To me, that’s part of the fun for both teachers and students when they get to be silly together,” Johnson said. “[It] loosens things up and makes it fun to be here even in the midst of hard work. It’s important to keep a perspective on things and being silly and having fun helps you do that.”