Review: Justin Timberlake, “Man of the Woods”


Justin Timberlake released his fifth album on February 2nd, 2018. His album, Man of the Woods was quite different than prior ones that he released. It consisted of 16 songs long awaited by Timberlake fans since his last album, 20/20, released in 2013.

Although there are 16 songs in the album, he released singles first to kick it off. “Filthy” was the first single to come out to introduce his newest album. This song was quickly played all over the US on the radio, spotify, itunes, and was the opening act for the Superbowl.

This was supposed to be how he represented his growing up in Tennessee, roughing it most of the time in the woods, with lots of plaid flannels. He wanted it to be almost like a tribute, but really didn’t end up that way in my opinion. I am a huge JT fan but this album definitely didn’t live up to my expectations. This album combines many different sounds into all of his songs and even some of them sound like a combination of noises that I really don’t think fit well together.

Although the album as a whole wasn’t what I was hoping for, there are a few that I really love. “Say Something”really reminded me of the past Timberlake, the one whom I love and listen to still. It talks about when there’s a situation and you want to say something but are afraid it’s going to be the wrong thing to say. It’s about getting “caught up in the middle of it” and in the end you might not be able to find what you were looking for in the first place.

It elaborates on the fact that when people want you to say a certain thing, you should take a step back and decide what’s really best for you. Sometimes the greatest thing to do is just be quiet and let the moment pass before saying something you regret.

Overall, I love that Justin Timberlake came out with something new, but am ready for another album already. He really knows how to reach an audience and bring back past trends or ideas and I wanted to see that from him this time, but you can’t always get what you hope for. JT’s the best so I still love him but was hoping for something a little more cohesive.