A Turner of events for girl’s soccer


Noah Buresh, Staff Writer

As winter comes to a close, the Girls Soccer program begins to stir as a new season approaches. This season, however, brings a new variation to the program: a new coach. Spanish teacher Seth Turner has stepped up to take the helm as the former coach, Anne Elder, is no longer teaching at Kansas City Christian. Turner feels that this change in leadership will be a fresh start for the program.

“I want to start from a clean slate,” Turner said. “I want to introduce my own style, my own philosophy. I try to go into a season with an open mind and then whatever kind players I have, I adjust to that in my coaching style.”

Turner has had multiple experiences in coaching, including helping coach the Boys Varsity in the fall, coaching a club team for the TOCA Academy, and coaching U18 girls during his time in Auburn, Alabama. Turner aims to use the lessons and experience he has gathered in his past and apply it to the season.

“I coached girls that were seniors in high school, so that will help,” Turner said. “I coached them for a year- but that was five or six years ago.”

Although this is a new season for the coach and the players, Turner has already begun building strong relationships with his players. Through time in the classroom, he has become familiar with the girls and their personalities.

“I would say honestly it would be even more fun than in Alabama, because with club soccer I don’t see the kids every day,” said Turner. “I practically have every one of these girls in my classroom, so already developing a rapport with them will definitely help on the field.”

Being able to know Turner in the classroom has also allowed the students to become familiar with his style and attitude. In the scope of the season, the students ability to work with their coach will be invaluable.

“He’s a really good teacher,” sophomore Kennedy Kosic said. “His classroom atmosphere is very unique, so I’m excited to see how this will apply in our season.”

The players also believe that Turner will make much-needed changes in the team’s dynamic and practice style.

“[Turner] will help us with new plays and positions,” senior Aubrey Johnston said. “He’s gonna make it really fun and we will definitely get better.”