The game that took KCC by “storm”

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The game that took KCC by “storm”

Caleb Kern, Staff Writer

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As KCC is a very connected school, it didn’t take long for the nationwide frenzy of Greasy Grove and golden scars that is Fortnite to trap the students in the storm of addiction. The video game begins, and there are 100 people all skydiving from a floating bus onto an island where there can only be one winner who will receive the highly sought after “Victory Royale” as they defeat the last opponent.

“You make incredible memories with each other when you play so many games, and especially when you finally get a win together,” sophomore Cameron Robinson said.

Fortnite’s main attraction is its simplicity. The graphics are very minimalistic as they are all cartoon based and the gameplay is also very simple to get the hang of and start playing. The simplicity has allowed so many players with or without previous experience to join the craze that is Fortnite.

“I feel Fortnite is becoming so popular because games like Call of Duty and Battlefront really pride themselves on being realistic and having better graphics and mechanics, but taking a big step back and having that childish ambition really brings out the best in people,” senior Nolen Wright said.

As Fortnite is a free game, it welcomes all to play and join their friends in battle. However, if none of your friends are available, there is always the option to join someone else looking for a partner to play with. This team aspect allows people to talk strategy, or shout out where people are while playing.

“Teamwork definitely plays a role, because people can get really competitive and it can really bring people closer together,” Wright said.

It may seem that playing the same game countless times would cause it to eventually become boring. The reason this is not true is due to the difficulty of the game, and how rare it is to actually get a win, drawing players in to try again for a win. The makers of the game are also going to great effort to provide weekly updates slightly changing the game each week.

“[The continuous updates] keep something fresh and interesting in the game, which is smart business-wise and nice for the players to have.” Robinson said.

When it comes down to it, whether you are playing competitively or messing around with your friends, Fortnite is a beloved game played by many.

“I like playing with random kids, who are fun to talk to, and it’s fun to just destroy all the other players,” junior Caleb Tywater said.