Forensics starts off with state qualifications


The KCC Forensics team kicked off the season with their first competition this past week at Neodesha. The team traveled early that morning to make the competition and get back in time for the Sweetheart dance. Members of the team competed in the events at the competition, and several students placed first or second in their events, qualifying for State Champs. Senior Maddie Cates received first place in both Humorous Solo Acting and Serious Solo Acting.
“Overall [the meet] was really good,” Cates said. “I didn’t think I would do as well as I did, so that was a happy surprise.”
During a forensics meet, the competition starts with two or three preliminary rounds, each lasting an hour when competitors can perform when they feel ready. After the preliminary rounds are finished, the competitors who have advanced to the finals compete for a title and a state qualification. For junior Alex Gulin, preparation for her performances is pretty hectic.
“You’re just kind of rehearsing and you’re laughing at people talking to walls,” Gulin said. “Then you realize that you’re doing the exact same thing.”
Many of the students involved in Forensics compete in multiple events. Some with partners, and others individually. These events range from Prose to Improvised Duet Acting, and from Dramatic Solo Acting to Humorous Duet Acting. Each event brings out the strengths of the actors.
“I had insanely good pieces this year, as did my partner, [sophomore] Andrew Brannon and we got really close to getting into the finals and qualifying,” said Gulin.
This year, the team hopes for all members to qualify for State Champs in each event that they participate in. The team is allotted 20 State spots, but if all students qualify in all their competitions, then they will be able to choose the 20 they would like to compete, in order to put their best foot forward.
For most students involved in the theatre department, Forensics is an opportunity to meet new people and compete with their talents. It has given many an outlet to perform outside the walls of KCC.
“I’ve gotten to know some underclassmen and juniors a lot better this season and it’s just been awesome to compete with them,” Cates said. “I also just love performing in general and it’s always been a passion of mine so it’s just really fun to be able to perform through Forensics.”