Poets of KCC


There are many different mediums people use to express their talents and emotions. For example, many use music and art to show the world how they feel. Poetry is just another outlet in which people can share their passions and emotions in an artistic way that draws an audience to their cause.

“I think the purpose of poetry is to communicate ideas in a more powerful way,” sophomore Jenna Bickelhaupt said. “People write poetry on things they’ve experienced and on things that are important to them. That makes me curious and excited to see new perspectives on the world.”

Every artist, whether they are painting a masterpiece or perfecting a song on the piano, has a technique to how they go about channeling their talent into something that is accessible for their audience to see and understand. Poets are no different, they are continually going through the process of brainstorming and collecting their thoughts and ideas to create an intentional masterpiece.

“Usually I just write stuff down. Throughout the day I’ll get a line in my head – I’ll just be thinking about something in my head – and I’ll put words together, or put a phrase together in my head that I think sounds really good, and [then] I’ll write it down somewhere. I pile all of those [thoughts] together,” freshman Milan Mastin said, “Sometimes I get this wave of passion [and] excitement for a certain topic and I start writing.”

Most people have either a specific person or an idea that influences them to pursue their passions and talents. These people in their life act as encouragement to allow them to work harder, and grow in their poetic gifts.

“Ms. Smith got me going on poetry, but really it was God who opened my eyes and my heart to things around me and inside of me that I wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise,” sophomore Abigail Schraeder said.

When you take an art piece created by a kindergartener comparing to that of a professional painter, it’s not difficult to recognize that the professional far surpasses the kindergartener in terms of talent and technique. This is evident through the final product of both the kindergartener and the professional’s hard work. The same thing happens with poetry, it takes practice and hard work as well as talent to write a poem with a purpose behind it and allow the reader to understand the emotion behind it.

“In my opinion, a poem is good if it speaks to me. I love poetic devices of course, but sometimes a poem will have those and mean absolutely nothing,” Bickelhaupt said. “I love poems that move me and either encourage me or make me feel something.”

Poetry plays an important role in our culture today, mainly because of its ability to tell different stories and perspectives on different social issues or cultural differences in our world.

“Poetry is just a collection of different stories and different people coming from all different walks of life,” Mastin said. “They all have different stories to tell and poetry is an amazing way for people to share those stories. People write poetry to change things.”

Poetry allows people to spread ideas, emotions, and beliefs in an artistic way that balances both talent and passion. The world is drawn to hear the words of the poets who are using language in a powerful way in order to create change in society by addressing different issues through their poems.

“I think the purpose of poetry is to give people a voice and way of expression only poetry offers,” Schraeder said, “If poetry didn’t exist it would be a waste of the gift of language that God has given us! Poetry allows emotion to be released in a unique way.”