Supporting All KCC Athletics


For the relatively small number of students in the KCC student body, a large number of students participate in the athletics offered through the school. This means that the teams that are formed in our school can form family-like bonds and are crucial in friendships that you form. For the members of teams, being able to perform in front of peers is an honor, and it is a privilege to show off the work they’ve put in. When the athletes get the chance to show off their abilities in games and competitions, sometimes the turnout to support our teams is sparse.

This doesn’t mean that people don’t show up to games. To some sports, the turnout is huge, such as basketball and soccer games. Yet with other sports such as tennis, cross country, and golf, few people show up to support their peers. I think this is sometimes due to the lack of awareness of when these games take place. Students need to know about these games further ahead in time, aside from announcements the day of the events. If announcements could be given further ahead, we can be able to plan to show up.

Another thing that may turn people off from showing up to these games is the intimidation of showing up to support a sport they may not be familiar with. Growing up, most people have played in some form of a recreational basketball, soccer, or baseball league, while a select few pursued tennis, golf, or running instead. I know that students may not know everything about a sport, but their presence alone gives the athletes a desire to perform to represent their school and their peers. When I’m on the soccer field or baseball diamond, seeing and hearing my friends in the stands encourages me, just like it would in every other sport.

By supporting each other in our endeavors, we further build our community. We also can be a witness to the other spectators in the events by showing them how the family of God encourages and supports one another. It’s not only the players representing Christ on the field; we also can represent Christ’s love and never ending support through our cheers from the sidelines.