New year, new KCC

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New year, new KCC

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A new year means a new start for many people looking to make a change for the better in their lives. The familiar phrase “new year, new me” is often heard at the beginning of a year, but many people fall short on their goals. However, there are a select few that persevere and ultimately improve themselves throughout the new year.

Many KCC students and teachers have decided to start the year with fresh ideas for how they’d like to improve or change their lives.

Sophomore Abigail Schraeder is focusing on her spiritual life and working to improve her relationship with God as the new year rolls in.

“I am going to be reading the Bible every day now,” Schraeder said. “I wanted to do that because it’s really important to me to stay in God’s Word. Keeping a routine with that will help me a lot and encourage me daily and help me to grow wiser and my faith stronger,”

Others, such as science teacher Scott Mais, are looking to shift their attitude to give off a more positive mood.

“My New Year’s resolution is to complain less, because I realized I’ve gotten really bad about that recently, and just had a really negative attitude because of how much I’m complaining and I don’t want to do that,” Mais said. “I think I’m actually failing at it miserably right now, but I am trying.”

Trying to keep your resolution throughout the year is hard but setting goals can for what you want to do can really help.

“My New Year’s resolution is to put myself out there more, and just to challenge my talents that I wish to grow in my future,” junior Megan Hutchenson said. “For example, I am going to be doing several vocal competitions for the state and I’m also going to be participating in the art competition with Google,” Hutcheson said.

Resolutions are also set to help the individual improve and get better in multiple areas of their life such as their grades and school work.

“I’m trying to get more sleep this year so I can be rested up for school and not be as tired,” sophomore Andrew Brannon said.

No matter how big or small the resolution is, a new year is a great starting point for a clean start and new beginning. Whether setting resolutions is good or bad, there are many people that have and are looking for support to help complete their goals.