Do work, drink coffee. Why the stress?

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We all know the feeling. Head in hands, frustrated tears, mountains of homework, cup after cup of coffee, and nights where we average about 3 hours of sleep. I’m no psychologist, but I am a junior so I know what stress is all about. But I also have a very slight understanding of God, and what He’s all about, and He clearly states in Matthew 6: 34, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Part of the reason we stress is because we have this cultural tendency to think that if you don’t get good grades, you won’t get a good scholarship to a good college so you can’t get a good job and get good money and therefore have a good life. But once said we know it’s not true.

We need to try, not succeed in whatever we do.  I love Luke 8, where Jesus’ disciples are all in panic mode because they’re on a ship and there’s a huge storm that’s sinking the ship. That’s a very real fear, and they find Jesus asleep. Frantically they wake him, to which he groggily (I imagine) calms the storm with a few words. Then he looks the disciples in the eye and asks “Where is your faith?”

Where is our faith when we’re struggling with stress or anxiety? When I’m stressed I don’t even have time to be still and know that the Lord is God. I don’t have time to see past my stress, my worry. Sometimes we might think school work is a little too mundane for us to involve God. Or we pray half-heartedly for an A on a test. I’m not saying that God determines if we do well or poorly in school. Our identity is not found in our grades, good or bad. It’s not found in sports performance or a filled college application. Our identity is found in Christ alone. We determine if we give God our stress; if we lay down on that rickety boat in the middle of a storm because we tried hard for Him that day, and we don’t have to worry about tomorrow. So next time we have tests, papers, quizzes, and homework in every class I say we grab our favorite pencil, and do work.

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