Building community


When people think of cheerleaders, often times there are many inaccurate stereotypes associated with them. Many movies set in a highschool setting unfairly portray cheerleaders as fake, rude, and overdramatic. These stereotypes are far from the truth when it comes to the KCC cheer squad.


“I feel like when people think of cheerleaders they think of really not genuine and fake positivity,” freshman Victoria Jenks said. “But I just imagine the genuine positivity that comes out of us when we are cheering at the games.”


The girls on the cheer squad are always doing things to create a positive environment and a fun community for the team.


“My favorite part of cheerleading is probably getting to go to all the games because it is super fun,” senior Jess Steggerda said. “I love watching them play and just being able to hang out with all of the basketball players and cheerleaders together, you just get really close with everyone.”


Besides building relationships as a team, the cheer squad is working hard to accomplish more as a team this year.


“We are doing a lot more stunting this year than we did last year,” sophomore Chloe Breth said. “All of our flyers are really good this year, and we have a lot more younger flyers, and are learning new cheers. So I think it will be good.”


The cheer squad has many goals this year, none of which can be easily achieved without hard work.


“When we are at practice there is a lot of hard work,” Jenks said. “But then in the end it all pays off.”


Practice is a key factor to the cheerleaders’ success as a team. If one or more people miss practice than they can miss out on new cheers and stunts.


“We all work really well together when everyone is there at practices and games,” Breth said. “It’s helpful because then we can all help each other within our stunting groups.”


The cheer squad values hard work in accomplishing their goals, and they hope to continue to grow as a team both in their performance and relationships.


“I would say just in general the more work we put in together, just being with the team and all of us trying our best and working our hardest.” Jenks said. “That itself is progress.”