“Gatsby? What Gatsby?”


On Monday during chapel, the KCC high school STUCO officially announced the date and time of this year’s Sweetheart dance. The dance will take place in the school gym from 8-9:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 27 in the gym, and the theme is The Great Gatsby.

Gatsby was originally proposed along with other ideas such as Around the World, Harry Potter Yule Ball, and Rainforest Cafe, but it always came back to Gatsby.

“We just kept coming back to Gatsby,” said Senior and STUCO Secretary Abby Swafford.

All details about the dance other than what has already been released are being kept under wraps by STUCO. However, the design and decorations will definitely be tied to the theme. Students  should expect lavish art deco designs and roaring twenties fashion.

Junior Hudson Young is excited for the dance and its theme.

“I’m going to be excited for the way they decorate the gym,” said Young. “The twenties [are] one of my favorite eras, so being able to kind of relive that for a night would be pretty cool.”

Senior Ella Ochs is not as excited for the theme.

“I don’t think it makes too much of a difference,” Ochs said.

Ochs feels that while the theme is fun, the dance themes do not make that much difference for the actual dance.

“I feel like its just any other dance,” Ochs said. “[But] I think it will still be fun.”